Dr Oz revealing interview on Phytoceramides.

Recently the TV personality, Dr Oz created a storm when he interviewed a plastic surgeon and a doctor on phytoceramides.
In the interview they talk about the benefits, contra-indication and supplements to enhance the effects of phytoceramides.

Have a look at what they say:

Unfortunately the sound quality is not that great so here is a transcript of what they said:

We’re back with the people that now more then anyone, how to turn back time. Plastic surgeons, and today they are going to reveal how you can fake a facelift.

These doctors say the secret is in this little pill. These are called phytoceramides.

Dr Rogers what are these phytoceramides?
Well, ceramides is something that naturally occurs in our skin. It is something else that we also lose in our skin, as we get older. It’s like most things unfortunately. And because of that breakdown we don’t retain that much water. We do not have that plumpness and youthfulness in our skin.
Its been around for quit some time.

Ceramides have been in topical solutions for many years and the oral forms have been available in Asia and japan for quit a number of years.
Just recently the FDA has approved phytoceramides. Now phyto means from plants, it’s a plant derivative. This will put it back into our skin and it will reverse the signs of aging.

Cr Madhere how do you use this?
Basically you take is an oral supplement, as a pill.
And the way phytoceramides work, they help to restore the protective skin barrier, that we lose as we age. unfortunately.
They help to hydrate the skin from the inside out.

If I can, I am going to bring it alive with an animation. This is why it matters to all of us.
And then again, I am surprised we have not used this a lot earlier.

Where our skin looks older, dried out and flaky, which is the reason why it looks rough and wrinkled. What we want to do is supplement this.
So these phytoceramides come into our blood, taking as a pill into our mouth. They slowly percolate up through the skin, the younger skin up to the older skin. From the inside out.
When they get to the outside, they bind the skin together. So they make it plumper, the water does not escape that much, you get less cracking. The barrier works better and the wrinkles go away. They fill out a little bit and the dryness is also less obvious. So the damaged area looks more youthful.
Once again the skin can hold on to its moisture much better. The ceramides is sticking the skin cells together like they were supposed to from the very beginning.

So Dr Rogers how long should we take these ceramides, orally as a supplement before we see results?
Minimally it should take about 4 weeks before you should see some smoothing of the skin.
The reason it takes that long is because that is how long it takes for new skin to grow old?
Well yeah, there is a process. There is no magic pill, unfortunately, although this is pretty close. Your body has to build some new collagen, damaged has to be repaired. So yes it takes a little time for that to occur.

Still better than a surgeon’s scalpel, I think.
Dr. Madhere, do you agree or not?

Dr. Madhere how much should people take it and when should they take it?
So the recommended dosage is 350mg a day. That is one pill per day and it is important that when you go to the store and looking for these ceramides, to look for the plant derived ceramides.

Dr Rogers, anybody that should not be taking these phytoceramides?
Well phytoceramides is pretty safe for most people. The only people that may have to be a little bit careful are people with gluten sensitivity or wheat allergies. Because these are either derived from wheat, rice or sweet potato sources. So of course, if you have those allergies look for the ones produced from rice or sweet potatoes.

Dr Madhere if you can educate me a little on the risk of taking these. Can you combine them with other supplements? Are there extra benefits of doing that?
Actually the FDA has recently approved these phytoceramides and generally they appear to be safe for most people.
The phytoceramides works very well with vitamin C. So actually topical vitamin C combined with oral phytoceramides. Oral ceramides are the better saturation, so it’s great to combine topical vitamin C with oral ceramides.
So both what we talked about today is what you use frequently in your practices?
O yeah I recommend this.
I love how it is so simple and easy and portable too.


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