Benefits of Phytoceramides

Phytoceramide skinPhytoceramides are the plant derivative  of ceramides. Ceramides are found in all 4 layers of our skin and is essential for a healthy skin.

As we age the levels of ceramides in our skin decrease and the visible signs of ageing appears. By taking a supplement of phytoceramides, the levels are restored and the ageing process can be reversed.


Once you start taking phytoceramides the process of restoration start at the bottom layers and work their way to the top.

As your skins original ability to retain moisture returns, it starts to increase its elasticity and the “plumpness” returns.  It is somewhat similar to a welted plant being watered and coming back to live.


The process takes time as the effect works its way from the inside to the outside. Initial visible results will appear after a week or 2. After 4 weeks your friends and family will start to comment and around 12 weeks you should have the full effect.


Benefits of Phytoceramides:Phytoceramides in the skin

  • The fine lines around your eyes and mouth disappears

  • A reduction of major and minor wrinkles

  • Your skin is hydrated to its original level

  • Saggy skin is toned

  • Skin pores are tightened and reduced in size

  • All over smooth, silky skin


The results very from individual to individual, but every body notice a difference.

As long as you take a quality product of 350mg a day you will see an improvement in your skin.


So the FDA has approved it, celebrities publicly admit in taking it, TV personalities like Dr Oz recommends it and plastic surgeons and dermatologist prescribe it. So go ahead and lose a decade in your face.


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